How We Work

How we work

Building brilliant teams

We know that the secret to a healthy business is a happy team. How can we keep our employees happy if we don’t know what truly motivates and inspires them?

During our 15+ years of experience supporting business owners, line managers and in-house recruiters to make robust hiring decisions, we have shared a vital tool that has made them more successful at recruiting.

We have introduced them to LAB Profiling and how it highlights peoples’ attitudes and motivations at work. Without this knowledge, it’s almost impossible to achieve 80 – 90% hiring success rates.

We tap into your employees and candidates’ unconscious by listening to their language patterns to discover what are really saying, thinking and feeling about work! Knowing what they really want allows you to build a motivated, positive workforce, with higher retention rates and greater team loyalty.

Recrion is there every step of the way to coach and support you through the delicate recruitment process offering

  • one to one coaching
  • group coaching
  • job profiling
  • telephone screening interviews
  • panel interviews
  • motivation and behaviour assessments.

Would you like to become better at recruiting? Recrion is here to help.

What our clients have to say

Who are we?

Meet Katherine


Katherine Wiid has 20 years recruiting experience at a professional level. She successfully combines this experience with her training as a psycho linguistic profiler to enable her clients to identify the underlying motivations candidates reveal in interviews.

As one of just 450 Language and Behavioural (LAB) Profilers in the world, Katherine has studied extensively with world-renowned communications and behavioural expert, Shelle Rose Charvet, in London and Sweden.

Katherine enables her clients to develop a style of recruiting and interview that reflects them at their best, whilst being effective at attracting, recognising, hiring and retaining top talent.

Get in touch with Katherine today to find out how she could help you to become a better recruiter.




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