Attracting Top Talent: Shake up your job descriptions!
Date: 11th February 2016
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2016 is the year of change. The tables are finally turning, and it’s an employees market for the first time in a decade. Throughout 2015 we heard how difficult it is to find those perfect candidates, as companies compete to secure top talent.

So what’s the secret to conquering this changing job market?

It’s time for a change.

shutterstock_128236091George Bradt’s article in the Huffington Post How to Win the War for Talent in 2015 recommends:

“Kill ‘that’s how we’ve always done things’ once and for all”

And the same is true for 2016! Before you reach out to speed dial your favourite recruiter with job description in hand… pause. Screw that piece of paper up and take aim for the nearest bin.

If you’re going to attract the top talent in 2016, you need to tell a meaningful story that will draw in the talent you seek, and be completely transparent.

Candidates are no longer looking for jobs that are simply a list of skills. They’re looking for companies who will be great employers, with teams in which they will feel motivated, appreciated and glad to be a part of. What deep-rooted motivations would you ideal candidate need in order to do the job? Would they need to be a people person, ready to go out and market your brand? Or a problem solver, who will be happy to work independently and get the job done! Spend time pin pointing just who you are looking for, rather than just writing out a list of skills. Remember, skills can be learned, attitudes can’t!

Do you want a team member who will stay with the company for years to come? Then tell them what the job involves not just on day one, but year one, year two, year three… Let them know exactly what to expect and be totally transparent.

The power of language is incredible and it’s amazing how much can be said in a short job description (and we’re not just talking about on the lines) with a little bit of time and thought!

Psychology is the power weapon these days. The way people work and what they want from work has changed so dramatically since pre-recession 2008, that unless you’re prepared to embrace the change, you’re going to be left far behind.

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