Hire a Mover, Fire a Shaker: Talent Tactics
Date: 2nd August 2015
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Have you ever wondered when interviewing whether a candidate is genuinely interested and motivated to work for you?

Man drawing boardOr are they just well rehearsed and saying exactly what they want you to hear?

Most job descriptions include a fairly comprehensive list of skills and experience that the successful candidate needs to possess, making it easy for candidates to rehearse responses that impress. But what’s really going on beneath their polished exterior?

Richard Branson gives his prospective employees a good shakedown when he’s recruiting:

“The first thing to look for when searching for a great employee is somebody with a personality that fits with your company culture. Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality. If you can find people who are fun, friendly, caring and love helping others, you are on to a winner.”

In your business “fun, friendly, caring and love helping others” might not fit your criteria for the perfect employee. But how can you establish what does?

Skills Versus Motivations

In the past, companies have always tended to put out skills-based job descriptions. But designing a motivation-based job description can give a more accurate result in predicting the future performance of candidates, as they enable you to determine what motivations candidates need in order to perform at peak levels.

By verbally painting job descriptions with words and phrases that the ideal candidate will find irresistible, you are able to sift the movers from the shakers at the very beginning of the selection process.

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