Hiring New Staff: To Clone or Not to Clone
Date: 19th October 2015
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shutterstock_91099907In theory, replacing an outgoing staff member is a fairly easy task.

Firstly, you look at what their role contains, then analyse what they do and finally, employ the person whose skills are the closest match to the outgoing candidate.

Simple. Right?

But while trying to clone a departing member of staff may seem like the right thing to do – particularly if you are losing a valued member of your team – it can end up proving to be a very costly move for your business.

So how could it all go wrong?

While the new recruit’s skills and experience may meet your desired requirements, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their attitude or motivation is the same as that of their predecessor.

An individual’s motivation and attitude account for at least 40% of their overall working performance. So to simply hire an individual because they have a similar skill-set to the staff member they are replacing is a dangerous, and potentially expensive, move.

Approach recruiting in a different way…

Instead of looking at skills, consider the kind of motivations a candidate is likely to need to succeed in the position. Do they need to follow a set process or think outside the box? Do they need to work on their own or be part of a team? How much change do they need to be able to deal with?

Also, think about the role itself. Has it changed since your previous employee joined your organisation? Is it likely to change again? Are the qualities you hired the previous incumbent for the same ones you’d be looking for in their replacement?

Time has probably moved on since that employee joined the company. Could their departure give you a valuable chance to revaluate and possibly tweak the role to fulfil the company’s new needs?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you should have more of an idea of who you’re looking for. Remember, hiring an employee isn’t simply a case of cloning the person who has left! Things aren’t that easy (and if they are, you’re probably missing out on a business growth opportunity).

Our free Hire a Mover Fire a Shaker report will help you to navigate around someone of these tricky recruitment issues, save you time and expense and ensure that you hire the right person for your organisation. Good luck!



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